About me : Davor Rostuhar


I was born in 1982 in Zagreb, Croatia. While studying sociology and history, and while doing research in anthropology and ethnology I decided to travel the world to experience what I studied first hand. As of 2001, I am a freelance photographer and writer. In 2008, the Republic of Croatia gave me status as a freelance artist – writer. Apart from Croatia where I spend most of my time travelling and working, some of the countries I explored more thoroughly include:

2010: Libya, Japan, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

2009: Kosovo, United Arab Emirates

2008: Italy, Indonesia, West Papua, Syria

2007: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Bolivia, California

2006: Papua New Gvinea, Tahiti - French Polinesia

2005: Guatemala, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile

2004: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China and Tibet

2003: Russia, Spain

2002: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Egypt.


- Three months spent in the remotest jungles of West Papua, Indonesia.

- 23 day expedition into the Amazon of Bolivia, by foot and on raft, in search of jaguars through regions that had not been previously crossed by man.

- 52 days spent away from civilization: 820 km up the Sepik River followed by a 270 km bushwalking through the most remote regions of Western Papua New Guinea.

- 34 day expedition into thick, untouched Bolivian jungle: by foot and down a whitewater river on a traditional balsa raft.

- An expedition into the rainforest of Guatemala that led to the discovery of a cave (previously unknown to scientists) used by Mayas more than two thousand years ago.

- A three week journey down the San Pedro River in Guatemala in a traditional canoe.

- Mountaineering: Mt. Blanc (4810m) and an unknown 6012m summit in western Tibet.

- One month trekking journey through the Himalayas (Nepal) to the remote kingdom of Mustang.

- 10 month, 10 000 km journey, by bicycle from Croatia to Egypt.


I published three books and more than 100 articles and 1000 photos in various Croatian publications: daily newspapers, political weeklies, and magazines (National Geographic Croatia, Geo, Meridijani, Playboy, Globus, Gloss...)

I wrote and published three travelogues with photos:
- "The Jungle" (2009)
- "On the Way to the Hidden Valley" (2006)
- "Just Keep on Moving!" (2003)


I am the president of the "Club for Expedition and Culture" that organizes expeditions into the most remote parts of the world, and presents different world cultures to people in Croatia.